Chicken Hawks Baseball

About the Podemska Chicken Hawks

The Podemska Chickenhawks were founded in 1937 by C. David Scott in Podemska Michigan, and is dedicated to baseball and giving young men a chance to play with a path to The Big Leagues. Mr. Scott and a few friends managed the team from the front office to the field. With a handful of sponsors and ticket prices at 1 nickel they managed to pay the players .47 cents per game with a $5.00 bonus if they made it to the World Series.

Today salaries are more and the balls are harder, but the game stays the same. Built on tradition for the love of the game the Scott family still owns The Chicken Hawks have built a privately owned 18,000 seat stadium and support the community in many ways. Prices start at $3.00 for general admission and hot dog is still only 50 cents. Get your tickets on line now!!!