Ace Transportation

About Ace

Ace Transportation opened in 1983. Owning only a 1974 VW Micro Bus, Robert Meyers saw the need for simple and inexpensive transportation across the greater Tri-State area. So with a full tank of gas and 5 bucks in his pocket he drove the streets looking for people willing to pay a buck for a ride.

That trend continued for several weeks until he was booked every day of the week. He then needed help and began to hire people with dependable wheels and needing a job, and Ace Transportation was Born.

In 1991 Robert bought his first boat to ferry people across The River. Soon he expanded into the tour industry. in 2003 Robert and Dave (the very first driver he hired) bought a Cessna 172 and began flying people to nearby Major Cities.

Sadly in 2008 Robert passed on, but his long time friend Dave Evans took over the business, expanding Ace Transportation even more. With 18 busses, 7 ferries and 3 planes we move over 1,800 people a day. We are proud of our safety record and employees for their service and compassion for their patrons.

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